About Us

About Us

Critter Bits is a 10 years old family business running in NSW. The family has been residing here in the locality for more than 100 years. Our staff holds expertise and experience in the products and their doses for all little creatures out there. The meals are designed by a Dog Natural Therapist, Alaina Jeffery, from Balanzing Paws.

We have been catering to the rural industry for about 20 years now and will soon receive the certification diploma in Canine Nutrition. We raise on the farm various livestock, provide feed for them and also stock up their products, medicines and supplies. We sell chicken and fresh eggs high in protein.

Sustainable farming is the need of the hour and we are taking this step towards a safer and healthier future. Hydroponics is the in thing at present and its productivity is always at its peak with our extensive care.

We are known for quality food and supplies for pets, reptiles and various other small animals and birds at affordable rates. We love animals and help the clients to provide their beloveds with the best food supplements to enhance their health and physical growth.