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    Automatic 60 Egg Incubator with all accessories including Feeder, Drinker, Moisture Spray Bottle, Water adding Bottle Egg Candler (Tester).

    Including an auto turning tray, hatchery days count, and electric LED Digital screen, our egg incubators are fully certified CE EMC ECM CNAS SAA, made with high industry standards, and highly durable. With a simple and smart digital design, anyone can use our egg incubators easily.

    Please note:

    The capacity of this egg incubator is calculated based on the most common egg sizes. Due to the variance of egg sizes, the incubator tray may hold more or less than 60 eggs, depending on their actual size.


    EGG Candler Light Tester Included in package
    Display for Countdown of days remaining before eggs hatch (2 hours units)
    Smart design with streamlined shape for ease of use
    Made for beginners as well as professionals
    High industry standards and trusted certificates
    Automatic digital display
    Temperature and humidity display
    Temperature and humidity automatic functions (35-40 Degrees Celsius)
    Temperature and humidity advanced manual control (temperature range 0~99 degrees Celsius)
    Automatic egg turning motor
    Quality PP material with a solid moulded construction
    Anti-jamming function and higher stability
    Clear cover for egg visibility; allows easy observation
    Automatic cooling and ventilating system
    Long service life

    CE certified
    ECM approved
    EMC certified
    SAA approved
    CNAS tested and certified
    Australian electrical standards with AU plug
    Power: 180W
    Voltage: 220-240V
    Frequency: 50-60Hz
    Assembled Size: height 30cm x length 53cm x width 52cm
    Egg Incubator capacity (any one of the following)

    60 chicken eggs
    30 duck eggs
    30 turkey eggs
    100 quail size / bird eggs
    Package Includes:

    1 x Automatic Egg Incubator
    1 x AU Plug
    1 x Accessory Pack including
    1 x Drinker
    1 x Feeder
    1 x Candler
    1 x Water Spraying Bottle
    1 x Water Adding Bottle
    1 x User Manual
    What is an Egg Candler Tester? (included)

    An egg candler is a device used for testing eggs. Candling eggs is a method of testing eggs while they are incubating to determine if they are viable or not. “Viable” means that the egg is fertilised and an embryo is able to develop and hatch. So make sure when you buy your egg incubator to have an Egg Tester Included in the package which we have in all our egg incubators.