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Quick description:

Egg Incubator – Fits 48 Poultry Eggs, Fully Automatic (EP-JN848) (Genuine JANOEL Branded)
Incubator has 3 LCD Screens – Digital Automatic temperature, Day Countdown & Humidity readout.
This auto turner egg incubator can hatch 48 eggs of all sizes including Chickens, Ducks, Goose, Turkey and quail.
Incubator is an auto tilt styled incubator. Eggs are placed in the incubator in plastic egg trays designed to tilt from left-right or right-left each 2 hours.
Elite Pet Products Warranty: Incubators carry a 6 month limited warranty.
If, under the course of normal (non-commercial use) the item fails within 6 months from the date of purchase from an approved Elite Pet Products stockist, as a result of faulty materials or workmanship, Elite Pet Products will provide necessary replacement or repair parts at no charge.


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Description :

# Free demonstration and lesson available on how to operate your new incubator at our Sydney store – (with incubator purchase only)


Voltage / Power: 230 Volts / 160 W

Frequency: 50Hz

Capacity: 48 Eggs

Measurements (approx) (cm): 49.5 L x 47 W x 24.5 H (3.2kg weight)

NOTE: This incubator is not to be confused with this cheaper and inferior JN48 model which we do not stock. This item is the JN848.

Main Features:

6-month Warranty (see conditions below)
Automatic egg turning.
Also suitable for various poultry and other eggs including Budgie, Peacock, Turkey, Duck, Dove and Pheasant Eggs.
Digital temperature control with days display.
Humidity display and alarm.
Temperature alarm.
Observation windows.
Maximum 48 chicken eggs.
Made to EU standards.
# Buy local and buy with confidence that if you have any problems under warranty, you can easily return your incubator or seek support.

Warranty Conditions:

This incubator comes with a 6-month warranty. If your incubator is not working properly within 6 months from the date of purchase we will either replace it with a new incubator or refund you for the cost of the item excluding freight costs. Freight costs are not refundable. Before any warranty claim, we also expect the customer’s help to troubleshoot the product to help rule out temporary issues or user error that could be overcome without requiring a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the temperature range for this incubator?

A. The temperature range for the JN848 is from current air/room temperature to 40 degrees.

Q. Do I need a rooster to hatch fertile eggs?

A. Yes, you will need a rooster together with your hens otherwise, the eggs will NOT be fertile and will therefore not be hatchable in an incubator or otherwise. Such eggs would only be good to eat.

Q. I need to travel with this incubator, what are the exact measurements and weight of its box?

A. The box dimensions are approximately 51x 29.4 x 52 cm and the weight is about 6.4kg (according to our measurements)

Q. Would it be ok to leave this incubator unattended over a weekend provided it is plugged in?

A. This incubator will usually be ok for about 4 days and then it will require more water to be added to maintain the correct humidity. So yes as long as the water levels are checked and adequate before you leave, the incubator should be fine over the weekend. It would be a good idea to become familiar with how often the water needs to be topped up before leaving for extended periods. Disclaimer: Always follow the incubator’s instructions even ahead of this advice.

Q. I want to know if the automatic egg turning feature of this incubator is optional i.e. can it be turned off?

A. Yes, apparently there is a cord that can be unplugged so that the turning mechanism doesn’t turn but everything else works as normal.

Q. Can you advise how water is added to this incubator, is there a channel without having to open the lid?

A. There is a hole at the top of the incubator for adding water without having to open the lid.


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