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Avi One Bird Food range uses only the highest quality ingredients, boosted with added vitamins and minerals.
Australian sourced and packaged, our highly palatable range offers the best nutrition for your feathered friend!


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3 in stock

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INGREDIENTS Wholemeal grains & Cereals, Rice & Soy powder, Linseed Oil, Skim milk powder, Sucrose, Semolina, Calcium, Vitamins & Minerals.

Min. Crude Protein 15.0%
Min. Crude Fibre 6.0%
Min. Crude Fat 5.0%
Max. Salt 0.1%

Features & Benefits:

Lories and Lorikeets are bristle tongued birds with a wet crop that needs to feed on a nectar/powder nutritional mix.
We use Sucrose, not Glucose, to control and minimise the amount of sugars in the mix.
The wholemeal grain powders in Avi One lorikeet mixes are sourced from natural seeds and grains. This boosts nutritional content and reduces the amount of sugars in the mix.
Lorikeets like to have the choice of feeding on both wet and dry, so team with Avi One Lorikeet Wet Mix for the most appetizing combination of food.
Formulated to provide a well balanced staple diet full of quality ingredients, along with vitamins and minerals, that captive Lories and Lorikeet’s wouldn’t normally have access to.
Lorikeet Dry Mix can be used to attract wild Honey Eaters and Lorikeets to gardens.
Packaged in stand up tear off seal and zip lock resealable pouch bag will keep bird food fresher for longer.
Available in two sizes.


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