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Ryzofuel is Australia’s leading brand of root stimulates, designed for indoor/Outdoor plants and seedlings. Ryzofuel can also be used on trees and bulbs.

Ryzofuel will rapidly accelerate new root growth.

Contains Pure Kelp, An Ingredient For Plant Stimulation.
High In Natural Hormones.
Enables Explosive Root Growth Throughout The Cycle.
Encourages Growth And Closer Internodal Spacing.


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    The phosphorus in Cyco Swell plays an essential part in photosynthesis, it assists with plant maturation and aids in Withstanding stress; increasing growth, and encouraging bloom. The potassium found in Cyco Swell helps enhance fruit quality.
    The magnesium in Swell activates the plant Enzymes needed for growth. Cyco Swell is also recommended in the later flowering stages.
    Maximizes bloom cycle to full potential
    Guaranteed largest blooms.
    Outperforms the opposition on taste and aroma.


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    Cyco Platinum Series Kleanse is a salt clearing agent that is formulated to solubilize most micronutrients, cationic nutrients, or metals in a growing environment.

    Kleanse can be utilized during the growth and bloom period to clean the root system from accumulated mineral salts.

    Kleanse also feeds the microbial life in the substrate by supplying needed carbohydrates.

    Improves Plant Health And Cleanliness Of The Root Zone
    Dissolves Mineral Buildup With Natural Acids
    Increases Osmotic Efficiency Of Roots
    Aiding Operations Efficiency Of Roots
    Aiding Operations Catalyzed By Beneficial Bacteria
    Ultimate Flushing Properties Through Out The Whole Cycle


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    Cyco Platinum Series B1 Boost is an additive used throughout the vegetative and flowering periods of plant growth. Used at higher concentrations in vegetative growth than flowering, B1 Boost contains high amounts of the natural vitamin B-1 also known as thiamine.

    Thiamine is a natural hormone that is present in the plant, natural bacteria excrements, and native fungi. By providing a constant presence of thiamine, root growth is encouraged thereby allowing for healthy new growth. B1 Boost is also a strong source of pharmaceutical grade potassium. A necessary ingredient to plant growth enzymes, protein formation, and the translocation of sugars, potassium in B1 Boost allows for vibrant, healthy growth.

    Source Of Thiamine To Encourage Vibrant Plant Growth
    Aids In The Development Of New Cuttings
    Aids In Plant Resistance Against Environmental Stress
    Reduces Risk Of Transplant Shock
    Contains Potassium For Plant Growth Enzymes


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    Cyco Silica benefits include greater tolerance to Environmental stresses and Improved growth rate.

    Are your plant stems strong enough to support full fruit?
    Helps to uptake available light.
    Growing in hydroponic mediums, silica is essential.