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Great little kit for the starter!
Every thing you need in one box!
Get yours at HydroBits Bargo


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3 in stock

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HY-GEN Coco Starter Packs comes

Complete for anyone wanting to start growing in coco peat.

Hy-Gen Coco Starter kit comes with these items:
1 x Hy-Gen Coco Growth 1 litre
1 x Hy-Gen Coco Bloom 1 litre
1 x Hy-Gen Budlink 1 litre
1 x Hy-Gen Nitro-K 500mL
1 x Hy-Gen PK Top Up 500mL
1 x Hy-Gen Sea Essentials 500mL
1 x Hy-Gen Humiboosta 500mL
1 x Hy-Gen pH Indicator
2 x Hy-Gen 650g Cocopeat Bricks


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    Cyco Dr. Repair treats chlorosis and environmental stresses. Chlorosis is a yellowing of leaf tissue due to a lack of chlorophyll. Possible causes of chlorosis include poor drainage, damaged roots, compacted roots, high alkalinity and more importantly nutrient deficiencies in the plant. Environmental stress can damage plant function or its development which shortens the time for photosynthesis and in turn reduces yield.

    The lack of iron is one of the more common nutrient Deficiencies in plants associated with chlorosis. Dr. Repair helps to restore your plant to its full potential.

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    RHP Certified
    Almost impossible to over-water
    Easily re-hydrated if required
    Easy to use plant starter cubes
    Made from organic materials
    Fully compostable & biodegradable
    For all different types of cuttings and seeds
    Amazingly fast and vigorous rooting
    Perfect air to water ratio
    Blended with a basic fertiliser for the first 2 to 3 weeks
    Easy and safe plant transfer into rock wool, coco, perlite, etc.


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    Worm Castings
    The key amendment for ultimate soil and plant health. Rich in humic substances, beneficial soil microbes and highly plant available nutrients.
    Worm Castings are nature’s favourite soil amendment and the secret to ultimate soil and plant health.
    These worm castings are dense in microbes, humic and fulvic acids and highly available nutrients and trace elements that plants can immediately take up directly via root tips.
    Closing The Loop On Organic Waste
    This product provides a beneficial solution for food waste.
    At Circular Food we close the loop on organic waste by blending it into a worm superfood and processing that food through commercial scale worm farms, which in turn produce these incredibly high quality organic worm castings.
    In nature, organic waste is meant to go back into the earth. This product is returning the vital nutrients from organic waste back to your soil, just as nature intended.
    Average analysis
    pH 7 | N 1.5% | P 0.65% | K .061%
    organic carbon 16% | organic matter 32%

    A little of this product goes a long way.
    Top dress roughly 1 to 2 cm on containers and raised beds. Additionally, use our Regenerate pack to provide a balanced blend of nutrients and minerals that the microbes in worm castings can consume and make available to the plant throughout the growing season. Mulch with straw to maintain soil moisture and create the optimal environment for the soil food web.
    For living soil mixes, add worm castings anywhere from 5 to 20% of total volume.
    If building soil quality from scratch, apply once per fortnight until garden is thriving.
    Apply smaller quantities monthly to maintain peak soil health in productive gardens.
    Store in a dry place out of direct sunlight.


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