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It is recommended that the electrodes be cleaned regularly with Hygen Probe Cleaner solution before callibrating or storing your meter


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Probe Cleaner It is recommended that the electrodes be cleaned regularly with HY-GEN Probe Cleaner solution. It is recommended that you clean your meter before calibrating or storing it. This will ensure that it operates with accuracy and precision once calibrated. Always keep your pH electrode stored in HY-GEN pH Electrode Storage solution when not in use. pH electrodes may show slow response due to the build up of organic and inorganic contaminants which coat or clog them.
Regular cleaning with HY-GEN Probe Cleaner solution can prolong the life of your meter and maximise electrode performance. HY-GEN Probe Cleaner solution can also be used to remove contaminants from Conductivity meter electrodes, making this product a worthwhile investment. SOLUTIONS SCIENTISTS USE HY-GEN
Calibrations solutions are made according to international standards.
The pH ELECTRODE STORAGE and PROBE CLEANER solutions are the same quality as those used in laboratories for the safe cleaning and storage of electronic meters.
All calibration and care solutions are made using high quality analytical grade constituents.
HY-GEN is the mark of guaranteed quality. All formulations and procedures have been prepared under careful supervision by our qualified chemist who has more than 25 years experience.


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