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Australian made
Proplaits keep the hair manageable while plaiting and have a gentle yet firm adhesive quality that holds the hair in place without being tacky.
It’s water-based so Proplaits simply washes off in water without any sticky residue.


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The hair hold without harmful drying agents.

The choice of many professional and amateur alike, Improved Proplaits leaves no white flakes or marks on manes. Improved Proplaits help reduce fluffing and are ideal when plaiting up the day before competitions. Always use a neck rug to keep plaits in place overnight.

Developed to assist in keeping hair manageable while plaiting, Proplaits has proven a far better aid than we ever expected. It has a gentle yet firm adhesive quality, and being water based , it is easy to wash off hands. Once dry, you would never know it is being used, which enhances the natural appeal of plaits.

We suggest you first comb the mane, then spray all the mane with Proplaits. As each plait is made, and before tying off, a small spray of Proplaits will hold the plait in place before sewing or banding. When the mane is plaited, a quick spray will hold plaits in place and many now find they can plait the night before the competition, which is one less job on a busy day.


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