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Looking for a product to promote plant health and development during all stages of growth?

Look no further than Plant Guard!

Plant Guard is a source of liquid potassium silicate that helps plants build up natural defenses through cell wall development.

Silicate strengthens cell walls, resulting in stronger stalks and branches that can support heavy fruits.

So whether you’re just starting out with your gardening journey or you’re a seasoned pro, Plant Guard is the perfect solution for keeping your plants healthy and happy.

This incredible product is made with silicate, which helps to promote rigid cellular development in plants.

This means that they’ll be better able to withstand environmental stresses, like high and low temperatures.

Silica also accumulates in the outer layer of cell walls, making it more difficult for pests and diseases to damage the plant.

So not only will your plants be more resistant to problems, but they’ll also grow faster and healthier.

Give them the best chance for success with plant guard! Give your plants the best chance for success with Plant Guard!

Use Plant Guard when your plant is subjected to changing environments and stress. Directions:

Use 1/2 ml per liter every feeding
Discontinue 2 weeks prior to harvest


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