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    Looking to get the most out of your plants?

    Rezin is here to help!

    This powerful product is designed to increase resin production, resulting in more potent and flavorful plants.


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    Boost Your Plants’ Growth with Green Planet Dual Fuel Starter Kit
    The Green Planet Dual Fuel Starter Kit is a comprehensive solution, including all essential hydroponic nutrients and additives required to achieve an outstanding grow. The kit consists of Green Planet Dual Fuel 2-Part base hydroponic nutrient and two phenomenal Green Planet additives, Massive Bloom and Rezin.

    Features and Benefits
    Complete Grow Solution: The kit includes all the nutrients and additives needed for a successful grow, making it perfect for beginners and experts alike.
    Green Planet Dual Fuel 2-Part Base: A user-friendly, balanced liquid fertiliser designed for both vegetative and flowering stages, promoting vigorous growth and bountiful floral production.
    Massive Bloom: A powerful flowering enhancer designed to encourage budding, facilitate bulking, and improve ripening for lusher, denser flowers.
    Rezin Additive: Increases flower size, while enhancing flavour and aroma, leading to a more pleasurable sensory experience.
    Info Guide & Feed Schedule: Comprehensive information and feeding schedule included, ensuring the proper utilization of each component in the kit.
    How to Use
    Thoroughly mix equal amounts of Green Planet Dual Fuel Part 1 and Part 2 in your nutrient reservoir.
    Add Green Planet Massive Bloom to encourage budding during the flowering stage, following the recommended amount on the label.
    Introduce Green Planet Rezin during the late flowering stage to increase flower size, aroma, and flavour.
    Always measure and adjust the pH of your nutrient solution after mixing all additives.
    Follow the provided feeding schedule and guidance for optimal results.
    Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For
    The Green Planet Dual Fuel Starter Kit is ideal for hydroponic gardeners, both beginners and experts, who desire to boost their plants’ performance and achieve impressive growth and blooms. It is suitable for various flowering plants, vegetables, and herbs grown in hydroponic systems.

    Notes from Aqua Gardening
    Product appearance may vary as older stock with previous labels will be sent out until depleted. New labels will be used once the older stock is diminished.
    Always mix and use nutrients and additives as advised in the provided information guide to prevent nutrient lockout or plant deficiencies.
    Keep out of reach of children and pets, and store the products in a cool, dry place.
    What is included in the Green Planet Dual Fuel Starter Kit?
    The Green Planet Dual Fuel Starter Kit includes 2 x Green Planet Dual Fuel Part 1 & 2 (1L each), Green Planet Massive Bloom (1L), Green Planet Rezin (1L), and an Info Guide & Feed Schedule.

    What is the purpose of Green Planet Dual Fuel in the Starter Kit?
    Green Planet Dual Fuel is a 2-Part nutrient system that is designed to be used throughout the vegetative and bloom stages of your plants’ growth. This user-friendly liquid fertiliser promotes vigorous growth and floral production.

    How does Green Planet Massive Bloom help my plants?
    Green Planet Massive Bloom is formulated to encourage budding, facilitate bulking, and aid in the ripening of many flowering plants. It is ideal for the serious grower looking to enhance their plant’s flowering stage.

    What benefits does Green Planet Rezin provide for my plants?
    Green Planet Rezin is a plant enhancing fertiliser additive specifically designed to increase flower size while enhancing flavour and aroma of your plants.

    Can Green Planet Dual Fuel be used for all types of plants?
    Yes, Green Planet Dual Fuel is formulated for a wide range of plants and can be used throughout their vegetative and bloom stages to promote vigorous growth and floral production.

    How do I use the Info Guide & Feed Schedule provided in the Starter Kit?
    The Info Guide & Feed Schedule included in the Green Planet Dual Fuel Starter Kit provides detailed instructions on how to use each product, as well as recommended feeding schedules to help you best utilise the nutrients and additives for optimal plant growth and flowering.

    Are the nutrients and additives in the Green Planet Dual Fuel Starter Kit suitable for hydroponic systems?
    Yes, the products included in the Green Planet Dual Fuel Starter Kit are specifically designed for use in hydroponic systems, ensuring optimal growth and blooming in your plants.

    Will the product labels be the same as shown on the website?
    The product ordered may not appear exactly as shown on the website. Stock containing the previous labels will be sent out until diminished, at which time the new labels will hit the market.


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    Massive 1L .Massive is an all natural flower boosting additive that contains a combination of carbohydrates and NPK ratios .Massive pushes a flowering plants natural sugar manufacturing systems to not only reach its natural potential ,but to surpass it .Massive has been developed and thoroughly trailed in hundreds of licensed cultivation facilities in the US and Canada with a very good success rate .Massive contains triacontinol ,a natural plant growth regulator that is found in bees waste and bees wax .Triacontinol enhances the physiological efficiency of plant cells and exploits the genetic potential of your plants .Triacontinol has been proven to increase and enhance flower size ,flower mass,terpene production and flavonoid production .Massive also contains potassium which is essential in the activation of up to 80 enzymes that regulate various plant functions .These include opening and closing of the stomata which is necessary for the proper exchange of co2 into water and oxygen .Potassium also aids in the uptake of phosphorus which plays a key role in the all essential plant functions including photosynthesis ,energy transfer and nutrient movement throughout the plant .Massive should be used in conjunction with a base hydroponic nutrient .


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    PK Spike is our flowering supplement derived from multiple, highly soluble sources of phosphorous and potassium.

    This product is designed to encourage budding, help facilitate bulking, and ripening of flowering plants.