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Contains antiseptic to treat cuts, scrapes and superficial wounds and protect wounds from infection
Two powerful insecticides repel insects, protecting wounds from insect associated damage
Suitable for use on all animals
Purple dye ensures full wound coverage


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5 in stock

Description :

Contains an antiseptic to protect wounds from infection
CETRIGEN contains cetrimide, a well known antiseptic compound with antibacterial properties that inhibits the growth of bacteria in the wound and helps to prevent re-infection. Infection is a risk to any wound, no matter how minor, and if it becomes established in a wound it can delay the healing process and lead to more severe or additional problems like scarring and proud flesh.

Contains two powerful insect repellents
DEET contained in CETRIGEN is regarded as one of the most effective insect repelling compounds available. DEET acts by creating a shield of repellent vapour as it evaporates. This shield confuses insects so they can’t locate the animal to land on. Di-N-propyl isocinchomeronate is also an effective insect repellent and works with DEET to create a stronger barrier. These two insect repellents provide effective protection for wounds to prevent them from damage due to insects.

Registered for use on all animals
CETRIGEN’s broad species application means that it is a versatile treatment option for all animals. This means there is no need to keep multiple products on hand to treat different animals in multiple species households. CETRIGEN can be safely used on all domestic pets and farm animals.

Contains a purple dye
CETRIGEN is sometimes known as purple spray due to the unique bright purple colouring of the product. A purple dye is included in the formulation so that the area treated can be easily identified to ensure full coverage. The dye will remain intact on the wound under most conditions so that treated areas can be quickly identified each day.

Convenient presentation
CETRIGEN is available in a 100g aerosol and a 500mL trigger spray. Two practical presentations to suit a wide variety of situations and uses. The trigger spray applicator is noiseless and is also adjustable to provide various spray patterns to enable adequate coverage of the area being treated. The aerosol presentation does not contain compounds that are harmful to the environment and comes in a conveniently sized robust can.


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