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Scent proof backpack


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There will be absolutely no scent of the contents. DISCRETE – The Smell Proof backpack has a dark charcoal or light grey exterior and inconspicuous look that will totally blend in with your everyday carrying, not raising any suspicion or questioning from people – be relaxed knowing your smell proof container blends in with the rest of your stuff. Even the logo has been to be removable.
The Main Outer Zipper is a heavy duty 10 gauge zipper which is designed for long term use and is lockable with your own padlock. Once this is opened it reveals a triple combination lock with a waterproof zipper designed by Zero to bring ease of use and ensures odours cannot escape. Other brands use large velcro flaps or their double zipper design is cumbersome to open with their single zip puller, our unique inner double zip puller design makes those designs redundant, a new design for a new
The outside material is water resistant and hard wearing and features two water bottle holders. 
The backpack straps have convenient studs to ensure the straps do not dangle when the bag is being carried by hand. Also features a convenient luggage strap for longer trips. The back padding allows for air flow across the carriers back allowing for more comfort.
Although this backpack has a built in pocket for a large laptop and mobile phone it is possible to also put in this backpack up to two of our computer bags these fit snuggly inside. The outer larger pocket will take two of our Zero smell proof mens pouches with plenty of room to spare and the smaller pocket will easily fit a pair of sunglasses and our Zero Wallet.


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